Hot Work Looking for Grazia


Grazia to Grazia UK, for my weekly fashion hit,

I had Grazia Australia for a while till they binned it.

I wish they’d bring it back, with the right seasons to follow,

Winter woolies in the summer are difficult to swallow.

Chloe jumper.

Giambattista Valli dress.

Aquazurra sandals.

Mauboussin ring.

Shaun Leane earrings.

Grazia UK magazine.

Hot Work Looking for Grazia

Blowing in The Wind



What shall I wear for a dress to go boating?

Something that’s light and swishy and floating …

Out on the high seas and tossed up in the air,

My dress soon goes AWOL and so does my hair.

Ginger and Smart Spider Orchid dress.

Jan Logan silver hoop earrings.

Blowing in The Wind

I Heart Frocks

Heart collage

So, ‘what is Frocksharp?’ is the question I’m hearing,

It’s a new blend of style and verse, I’m pioneering.

I fall short of a model, and I’m not twenty-four,

So I need a few lines for the frocks I adore.

Centre: Giambattista Valli.

Top left: Christopher Kane dress.

Top Right: Victoria Beckham.

Bottom left: Alexander McQueen.

Bottom right: Opening Ceremony.

I Heart Frocks

Posing for a Burberry ad

Burberry b:w

We’re three women dressing for a Burberry ad,

We’re expecting some rain, and we’re suitably clad.

There’s a dirty great storm-cloud that’s ready to drop,

But it’ll take more than drops to keep us from shops.

Burberry Heritage trench coats – black, navy and beige.

Erdem Ohana Tulip dress (under beige trench coat on right).

Posing for a Burberry ad

Game, Set or Match with Bec and McQueen


So who wore it best, was it me or was it Bec?

We’re wearing the same dress, with a plunge down the neck.

She’s younger than me (!) and her tan is much deeper …

With my leg poking out, it’s me who looks cheaper.

Alexander McQueen dress, sandals, clutch.

Mauboussin pendant, ring.

Maurice Lacroix watch.

Aurelie Bidermann earrings.

Game, Set or Match with Bec and McQueen

Cut-away Carven


My Carven dress is so girly and fresh,

It’s a cut-away cut without too much flesh.

Just lift those weights for my arms to look toned,

And the bingo wings will be postponed.

Carven floral jacquard dress.

YSL bag.

Filippo Raphael silver mirror sandals.

Aurelie Bidermann silver earrings and bangle.

Marni navy blue cardigan.

Cut-away Carven