More fur on the footpath

Version 2

I’m out on the town and dressed as a cat,

My fur isn’t leopard or a cat like that.

It’s not even rabbit or fox or skunk,

It’s pure polyester, it’s retro punk.

Faith Connexion coat.

Mary Katrantzou macrame dress.

Proenza Schouler ‘Lunch-box’ clutch bag.

Deimille silver mirror shoes.

Jan Logan silver hoop earrings.

Location = Marque Restaurant, Sydney.

More fur on the footpath

Mirror Image Dion lee



In a dress by the wondrous Dion Lee,

An earlier model, just like me.

Printed with ink blots, reflecting my psyche,

The soft round blobs of a psyche less spiky.

Dion Lee Rorschach Ink Blot dress

Bally black patent leather slingbacks

Jan Logan earrings

Mirror Image Dion lee

Self-Portrait dress: me times three


This dress by Self-Portrait has holes you can see,

If you look very close, you can see bits of me.

It keeps me in shape, it’s all in the weave,

As long as I’m still, and don’t try to breathe.

Frilled lace column dress, Self-Portrait; silver mirror sandals, Filippo Raphael

Gold bracelet and silver hoop earrings, Aurelie Bidermann

Self-Portrait dress: me times three

Opening Ceremony dress: Paris vs London


A big yellow sweet,
Makes curves a cheat.
Green cardi in the street,
White shoes to complete

Paris outfit at left: Black crepe dress, Opening Ceremony; black suede shoes, Saint Laurent

London outfit at right: Black crepe dress, Opening Ceremony; green kitted cardigan, Alexander McQueen

Locations: Left = Buddha-bar hotel Paris; Right = Brindisa Tapas, Soho London

Opening Ceremony dress: Paris vs London