Highlights on the back of my head


The lights in my hair are so artfully spun,

The back of my head is second to none.

It looks as if I’ve been lying in the sun,

When sitting in foils is all that I’ve done.

Hair colour: Vincent at Headcase Hair, Paddington, Sydney.

Jeans: AG Jeans.

Top: Gap.

Photo: @rder29

Highlights on the back of my head

Dressed to Vote

Version 2

Well what shall I wear for going out to vote?

It’s too cold for a dress, and too warm for a coat.

This transseasonal dressing is so hard to master,

I want Spring to be gone, and Summer to come faster.

Chloe jumper.

Vanishing Elephant shirt.

AG Jeans.

Shaun Leane earrings.

Photo: R de R

Dressed to Vote